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How to Post Pictures Empty How to Post Pictures

Post by jennemerson on Thu Oct 23, 2014 8:05 pm

Here is a quick tutorial for how to post photos on the forum.

1. Click the icon that looks like a picture with a disk.
How to Post Pictures Screen11

2. Choose your file, click host it.
How to Post Pictures Screen12

3. Copy the last link, it says 'Image URL'
How to Post Pictures Screen13

4. Click the icon that looks like a picture with a plus sign.
How to Post Pictures Screen14

5. Paste your link into the URL box and click insert.

If this isn't working, please let me know. You can also insert pictures from other sources (Ravelry, Facebook, Flickr, TinyPic, etc.) if you have the link. The forum limits image size to 2mb, so if it's not uploading, double check your file size. You can use or your computer's photo editor to shrink it down to the right size before uploading.

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